SURGE® Hydro Ball Core Challenge

SURGE® Hydro Ball Core Challenge

Let’s talk about the core! What exactly is the core? I like to describe it as everything from your shoulders down to your knees, including the front, back and sides of the body. Strong core muscles improve posture, prevent injuries, improve balance and can help reduce back pain. 


The SURGE® Hydro Ball is a great tool to use for strengthening your core. These exercises incorporate different body positions to target all aspects of the core and challenge as many muscles possible.


The water movement – or Hydro-Inertia® -- in the SURGE® Hydro Ball provides both resistance and a stability challenge. This means that you will recruit more muscle fibers, especially in the core, when compared to static resistance tools such as med balls or dumbbells. 


Grab your SURGE® Hydro Ball and try these core moves!

Plank Pull


Starting in plank position with feet hip width apart, place the SURGE® Hydro Ball to one side of the body. Reach under the body, grasp one handle, and pull through to the opposite side. Repeat by continuously pulling the ball from one side to another for 30 - 60 seconds.

Chest Press with Leg Extension


Start by lying supine with knees bent in tabletop, one arm extended on the ground and the other arm extended with a 1 hand - 1 handle grip. Bend the arm and lower the ball while simultaneously extending the opposite leg. Press the arm back to the start position while lifting the leg back to tabletop. Repeat the movement for 30 seconds on one side, then change sides for 30 seconds.



Hold the SURGE® Hydro Ball in a 1 hand – 1 handle grip with the feet shoulder width apart. Extend the ball above the head and externally rotate the opposite leg. Keeping length in the torso, hinge at the hips and slide the bottom hand down the leg while keeping eyes gazing up at the ball. Slowly return to the starting position. Repeat for 30 seconds on one side, then change sides for 30 seconds.

V-Sit Twist


Start seated with the spine extended, knees bent (feet can be on or off the ground) and SURGE® Hydro Ball close to the body in a 2 hand - 2 handle grip. Twist to one side, then smoothly twist to the opposite side. Repeat the exercise for 30 – 60 seconds.


Steph Paulsonis a SURGE® Master Trainer and an enthusiastic fitness instructor who believes that movement heals and fitness should be fun. Her philosophy is that if you can find an exercise routine that you enjoy doing, chances are you’ll stick with it!

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