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🌐 Upgrade Your Balance Training with the "Wedge"

Introducing the "Wedge," a game-changer in balance training that enhances the capabilities of your CorLok™ Balance Trainer. This angled platform opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to optimize your workouts with increased surface area and versatile angles. *CorLok™ Balance Trainer sold separately*

⚙️ Key Features:

  • Angled Precision: Elevate your exercise routine with precision. The unique wedge design offers a spectrum of angles, enabling a wide range of versatile balance exercises.
  • Secure Connection: Crafted to seamlessly integrate with the CorLok™ Balance Trainer, the "Wedge" provides a stable foundation for dynamic and challenging movements as the CorLok™ locks into the Wedge. Great for explosive and rebound movements.
  • Extended Surface Area: Maximize your training potential as you explore the expanded surface area, facilitating diverse and engaging workout routines.
  • Increased Range of Motion: Elevate your Balance Trainer off the ground to broaden your range of motion, intensifying your exercises.
  • Incline or Decline Options: Customize your workout by choosing between incline or decline settings (beginner or intermediate), adding variety and versatility to your fitness routine.

Transform your balance training journey today with the "Wedge." Elevate, engage, and excel in your fitness goals!

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