A Wicked Workout - 5 Spooky BOSU® Drills for Halloween

A Wicked Workout - 5 Spooky BOSU® Drills for Halloween

Let the Fright Fest begin with five spooky drills to use separately or to be put all together for one wicked workout this Halloween! 

Grab your BOSU® Balance Trainer and a towel...because you’re going to get scary sweaty!

PSU = Platform Side Up - DSU = Dome Side Up – BT = Balance Trainer

Here’s a real creeper for you to start with…

Metabolic - The Poltergeist

Perform each exercise below for 30 seconds with 15 seconds of recovery before the next exercise. Complete 2 - 4 rounds of all four exercises.

If you want to turn your creep-o-meter up a notch, try performing as many reps as you can for 45 seconds, taking a 30 second break in between each exercise.  Place your Balance Trainer DSU and challenge a friend to get some real disruption!

  • Alternating Bias Push-Ups 
  • Burpee with Dome Jump
  • Straddle Jump
  • Split Squats


Strength - A Devil of a Deadlift Combo

  • Place Balance Trainer PSU.
  • With a long spine and core engaged, hinge forward and pick up the BT like a shield  (platform side should be facing in and dome side should be out).
  • Still holding the dome as a shield, squat deeply, stand and push the Balance Trainer overhead. Do this 3 - 4 times.
  • Hinge forward again and stand back up, leaving the Balance Trainer on the floor PSU.
  • This is one rep.  Work up to 3 sets of 10 reps.


Core - Monster Set

Perform each of these exercise for 30 seconds, back to back without stopping. Take a minute of recovery then start again from the top. Perform a total of 3 - 5 sets. You’ll be telling your Boo all about it!

  • Hollow Hold
  • Bicycles
  • Side Plank with Optional Leg Lifts Right Side
  • Plank Jack to Tucks
  • Side Plank with Optional Leg Lifts Left Side


Mobility - Spider Lunge Trick or Treat

The name Spider Lunge might sound like some tricked out maneuver, but it’s a mobility exercise. Your “trick” will hit the spot. Your “treat” is a variation where the dome is used as an assist to make the exercise more available if mobility is more of a struggle.

  • The Trick- Place the Balance Trainer PSU
  • Placing hands on the handles, step back into a plank position
  • Step one foot forward into a lunge, keeping your full front foot to the floor and your back leg long
  • Tilt the Balance Trainer inward and then outward, holding where you feel the greatest tension in your hip
  • Step back to plank and repeat on the other side
  • Keep alternating sides for desired number of reps
  • The Treat- Flip the Balance Trainer DSU
  • From a kneeling position on the dome, step one foot forward and over the dome, so that the front foot is on the floor in front of the Balance Trainer
  • Gently extend the back leg into a long lunge with toes to the floor
  • Come back to a kneeling position and repeat on the other side
  • Keep alternating sides for the desired number of reps


Balance - Ninja Kneel to Stand 

 Finally a little voodoo for you to raise your spirits and collect your balance after the workout!

  • Begin in a kneeling position, both knees centered on the dome, toes lifted off the floor (no broomstick for assistance!)
  • Slowly bring your right foot to the dome and step to a standing position 
  • Step back with the right leg working your way back down to a kneeling position
  • Switch lead legs each time you step up and down
  • BONUS: If this is easy, add some “Frankensteins” at the top before returning back to the kneeling start position


Elizabeth Lenart, M.Ed, is a BOSU® Master Trainer and Program Director for Balletone. She is the founder of Elizabeth Lenart Fitness in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and functions as a consultant, program creator, instructor and mentor to other fitness professionals. She also appears as a Fitness Expert on Mass Appeal.


Kaitlin Zuloaga, is a BOSU® Master Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer, and Specialist in Exercise Therapy. She is known for her functional yet creative approach to fitness and for her fun yet totally exhausting workouts! When Kaitlin is not training others, she’s enjoying time with her family and rescue animals.

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