Training for Skiing in the Offseason

Training for Skiing in the Offseason
Hello, my name is Avital, and I am a professional Mogul Skier competing in World Cup competitions around the globe. I am so excited to be writing this blog post about my favorite piece of gym equipment!  Since I cannot ski all year long (as much as I wish I could!) I really want to make sure I maintain my fitness throughout the year, but especially leading into ski season. It is so crucial to get into what we call “ski shape”! With getting into ski shape - training appropriately during the prep season is so important to remain healthy throughout the ski season.  My go to training piece of equipment would definitely have to be the NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer. Leg strength and stability is such a big part of our sport, and I believe the Balance Trainer provides extra stability for me in those hard to reach small muscle areas. I want to make sure I have hit those stability muscles, which is why I resort to the Balance Trainer. The muscles surrounding the Quad, Hamstring, Glutes and Calf are really important going into a ski season. Skiing is so fun because it is adrenaline-inducing and you have to be on your toes (literally and figuratively speaking hehe) because you never really know what's coming. If you are a skier (or snowboarder) I know you have experienced that awesome fresh snow in the morning, but by the time the afternoon comes it warms up and that fresh beautiful snow turns to slush! It can get bumpy and conditions can change. And as we all know-  the best conditions, when mother nature treats us, is knee deep powder! All these different conditions can throw you for whirl though. This is when working all those little muscles during the prep season really pays off! Some of my favorite pre-ski season exercises are but not limited to:    -           Side lunges
-           Squats - double leg & single leg -           Calf Raises -           Step-ups -           Single-Leg RDL
-          Glute bridges, double leg -           Glute bridges, single leg
There are infinite amount of things you can do with the Nex Gen™ Pro Balance Trainer. That's why I love it so much; it really never gets boring!  Happy skiing! I’ll know it's you when I see you shredding on the slopes!!  -Avital-
Avital Shimko Carroll is a professional mogul skier who has been competing for 19 years of her life! She won the 2018 North-American Cup tour, but shortly after got sidelined with an injury for two years. During her recovery she got really into fitness, and loves to share that love with others. She has goals of making the Olympics this year and bringing home some hardware in Beijing! 
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