Don't Build a Slosh Pipe

Don't Build a Slosh Pipe

I remember the first slosh pipes I built using 2 and 4 inch PVC of different lengths that I filled with varying mixtures of water, sand, and mineral oil. I never quite got it right. It was too heavy, too light, too much, not enough, all-or-none experience. The liquid inside had a tipping point, releasing a cascade of liquid in the cylinder that was basically uncontrollable with regard to safely reacting and maintaining control of the pipe. The concept has always been good. Yes, it is important to train unpredictable reactivity that improves stability because that’s “real world,” but slosh pipes have never been easy, safe and effective to use. To add insult to injury, the slosh pipe caps I made out of duct tape or some jury-rigged plastic cap, eventually leaked or broke.

My advice, don’t build a slosh pipe. You should be using the BOSU® Surge and implementing the concept of “hydro reactive training” into your programming using a slick, trending training tool that is easy to use and adaptable to many different training outcomes, as well as ability levels. Whether you’re training athletes, group fitness participants, small groups, personal training, or older adults, the BOSU® Surge can match up to any challenge.

 What is Hydro Reactive Training?

Just so you know, let’s throw down a definition. Hydro Training uses the reactive properties of water, in a water-filled product, as an unstable resistance training tool. The inherent properties of water offer reactivity, volatility and unpredictability, which result in positive training results.

 Why the BOSU® Surge is Better Than a Slosh Pipe

  • Easy to use and fill
  • Leak-proof plug that is fail-proof
  • Variable and progressive load
  • Huge utility and exercise variation with multiple grips and recessed end caps
  • Adaptable to training goals from beginners to elite athletes
  • Utilizes a variety of water loads and water actions to manipulate training outcome and adapt to user capability
  • Controlled, yet still unstable, water-flow due to the proprietary design of the SURGE® Storm water-filled cavity
  • Can be used indoors, outdoors, on the beach, and in the water
  • If dropped, will not damage hardwood floors or the BOSU® Surge


Benefits of Hydro Reactive Training with the BOSU® Surge

  • Enhances performance and overall conditioning because of the constant, variable challenge presented while using a water-filled product
  • Differentiates itself from static load such as dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. because of the reactive stabilization requirements that occur when utilizing the volatile and unpredictable nature of water
  • Supplies a continually shifting, never-the-same stimulus the body must react and adapt to on a continual basis
  • Creates rapid load changes and puts demands on the muscles to induce neuromuscular adaptations, which allow for more rapid compensatory adjustment and therefore more stability control
  • Enhances balance recovery and body control from trips, stumbles and/or outside disturbances that could lead to a fall or decreased performance
  • Develops better body control
  • Improves proprioception, which improves our ability to position and adjust to movement demands
  • Optimizes technique, avoid injury, improve performance and lift heavier loads
  • Facilitates movement mechanics, increase power and strength to lift more weight and helps avoid injury
  • Did I mention it’s engaging mentally (cognitive training) and FUN, too?


Here’s the final word:

The BOSU® Surge is user-friendly and has huge utility with regard to exercise variation and training outcomes. It’s easy on the wrists, easy to use, cool to use and it’s FUN!



Douglas Brooks, MS, Exercise Physiologist, is the Director of Programming for Hedstrom Fitness, BOSU® and SURGE®. The former Kona Ironman® triathlete directed Athlete Conditioning for Sugar Bowl Ski Academy for 8 years, working with elite junior and professional athletes. Douglas was inducted into the U.S. National Fitness Hall of Fame and has been honored by Can-Fit-Pro as the International Presenter of the Year. Coach Brooks is the author of numerous fitness education books, and most recently, was the recipient of the IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year Award.

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