Quick Total Body BOSU® Workout

Quick Total Body BOSU® Workout

During the summer months, most of us are fortunate that we can get outside to soak up some sunshine and stay healthy and active. The outdoor terrain offers opportunities for us to enjoy a jog, hike or bike ride to boost the heart rate and strengthen the muscles of the lower body. If this has been your focus, you may also benefit from a little BOSU® fun to balance out your fitness regimen. Try these unique multi-part moves to target the upper body and core muscles and, of course, improve balance! Finish up with a couple of static stretches to enhance mobility.

Biased Push-Up / Plank Walk / Triceps Push-Up

Begin in plank position with both hands on dome. Bring left hand to floor and perform 2 biased push-ups. Return to plank position. Bring right forearm to dome followed by left forearm. Return to starting position, then do 4 triceps push-ups. Repeat other side. 

Complete 4 to 6 repetitions. 

Progression: Reduce tempo when lowering into push-up.

Regression: Perform the push-up with knees on floor.


Triceps Dip / V-Sit Twist / Tuck

Begin seated on Balance Trainer with hands beside hips. Lift hips off dome and perform triceps dip by bending elbows and dropping hips toward floor, then extending elbows. Repeat for 4 reps. Bring seat to front side of dome and lean back into v-sit with spine extended. Drop knees to R and L. Return to center and extend knees while leaning back further. Tuck knees back in and return to starting position.

Complete 6 to 8 repetitions.

Progression: Do v-sit and knee tuck with hands off dome.

Regression: Keep heels on floor when doing the twist.


Deadlift / Row / Front Raise

Start standing with feet hip-width apart, holding the Balance Trainer by the handles. Hinge from the hips and bring the Balance Trainer to knee level. Flex elbows and pull dome toward the chest. Extend elbows and stand. Lift Balance Trainer to shoulder level and then lower. Lift overhead and return to starting position.

Complete 8 to 10 repetitions.

Progression: Reduce tempo.

Regression: Lift Balance Trainer to shoulder height instead of overhead.


Cat & Cow / Child’s Pose / Downward Facing Dog

Start in quadruped position with knees on floor and hands on dome. Round back into cat position and then extend spine into cow position. Reach hips back to heels and lower into child’s pose. Lift hips and extend knees and pause in downward facing dog. Return to starting position.

Complete 4 to 6 repetitions.

Progression: Bring chest closer to thighs in downward facing dog.

Regression: Keep knees bent in downward facing dog.


Kneeling Lunge / Lateral Flexion / Hinge

Begin in low lunge position with L knee on dome and R foot forward. Reach arms overhead while lunging further forward. Hold L wrist with R hand and laterally flex spine to R side. Return to starting position and extend front knee while hinging from hips and bringing hips back toward L foot. 

Complete 4 to 6 repetitions on each side.

Progression: Increase range of motion (ROM).

Regression: Decrease ROM.

Melissa Weigelt, MS, is a BOSU® Master Trainer and owner at Flow Fitness Training, where she develops and presents a variety of continuing education programs for fitness instructors.


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