Partner Drills with the SURGE® Hydro Ball

Partner Drills with the SURGE® Hydro Ball

Rob Base was definitely on to something when he said, “It takes two to make it outta site!” Valentine, Galentine or workout buddy,  grab a friend, a SURGE® Hydro Ball and let’s get our hearts pumping and put our names on these partner drills! 

Use each drill individually or put them all together in one workout to add Hydro Training into your routine. 

Partner Tradeoff 

  • With the ball on the floor, jump into a plank position with chest touching the ball
  • Jump back in, into a wide squat
  • Pick up the ball with a 2-handle grip and “crash” it  at chest level
  • Set the ball back down on the floor
  • Add one more Hydro Ball chest crash each round
  • Repeat for 3 rounds then switch roles with Partner B

Partner B

  • Sit in a v-sit position with feet off the floor
  • Hold the ball in front of the chest with a 2-handle grip and balance
  • OR hold onto the ball, and rotate side to side until partner A finishes, then switch roles


Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition with your workout partner? Perform the three exercises below for as many reps (and rounds) as possible for a total of five minutes. Where’s the competition? Set a timer and compete simultaneously with (or against!) your partner pushing to complete more reps and rounds than your partner.

Here are the players:

Toy Soldier

  • Stand with feet together holding the Hydro Ball overhead with extended arms
  • Lower the ball and simultaneously raise one extended leg out in front of the body
  • Alternate legs for a total of 10 reps 

Lateral Swing & Travel

  • Stand holding the Hydro Ball in a 2-hand, 2-handle grip in front
  • Release one hand, step laterally and swing the ball in the same direction
  • Step back to center and catch the other handle and repeat on the opposite side
  • Alternate sides for a total of 10 reps


  • Squat and explosively push the ball overhead, crashing the water
  • Repeat for a total of  10 reps. 

Barre Ball

 Barre classes are still hot, hot, hot, so why not throw the Hydro Ball into the game?  We can use it as assistance with a partner AND resistance on our own. 

 Partner Plie’

  • Stand next to your partner facing the same direction
  • Each partner holds one handle with the inside hand, keeping the arm straight
  • Standing in external rotation ( 1st position ballet, heels together), each partner steps out with the outside foot, bending at the knees into a plie’
  • Keeping the water controlled and “quiet”, return back to starting position 

Elizabeth Lenart, M.Ed, is a SURGE® Master Trainer and Program Director for Balletone. She is the founder of Elizabeth Lenart Fitness in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and functions as a consultant, program creator, instructor and mentor to other fitness professionals. She also appears as a Fitness Expert on Mass Appeal.

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