At-Home Exercises to Jump Start 2019

At-Home Exercises to Jump Start 2019

It’s a new year, and you likely have new goals and resolutions to get fit and start on a healthy regimen. But maybe you are feeling you are not quite ready to hit the gym, and need a bit of a jump start. We’ve got you covered! 

Here is a Quick Hit BOSU® Balance Trainer workout featuring five exercises that will cover all your bases … cardio, lower body, upper body, glutes and abs.


Grab your BOSU® and let’s get you going on a fun fitness regimen that you will stick with in 2019!


Let’s begin with a little cardio to get your heart pumping and wake up the body!


Hop Over

Begin standing next to the BOSU® with your right foot centered on the dome. Squat down and push off to propel yourself up and over the BOSU® to the opposite side, landing in the squat position with your left foot centered on the dome. Capitalize on the momentum and quickly push off to “hop” back over to the other side of the BOSU®. Continue this until you reach five on each side, or a total of ten.


Now it’s time for a balance test and some upper body work …


Upright Dumbbell Row

Begin standing on the dome with feet a little less than hip width apart, holding a light dumbbell in each hand. Row the dumbbells up to reach shoulder height, then slowly lower them so that you end the movement with straight arms. Do this for a count of 10.


Let’s get those quads and hamstrings involved.


BOSU® Lunge

Begin in a split stance with the foot/toes of your back leg centered on the dome of the BOSU® behind you. Bend both knees and lower your body toward the floor by doing a lunge. Rise, then lower again. Do this five times, then switch feet and repeat five times on the opposite side. 


Time for a little glute work!


Single Leg Bridge

Lie on your back on the floor or a mat, bend your left knee and position your left foot in the center of the dome. With your right leg straight up (toes pointed to ceiling) and your arms at your sides, palms down, raise your hips up and your glutes off the floor until your body forms a bridge. Repeat this five times, then do the same on the opposite side.


It’s always great to finish with some isolated ab work!




Forearm Plank

Position the BOSU® dome side up, with your forearms on the dome, legs out behind you and raise to a plank position. Hold this for 20 seconds.


For a great challenge, repeat this whole series again! Happy New Year, and have fun on your fitness journey

Amina Daniels is a high energy fitness professional, who champions her Detroit based cycle studio, Live Cycle Delight and Yoga/Pilates studio LCD Hot. Amina holds fitness certifications in RYS200 from Kripalu, Group Strength, Personal Training, TRX Camps, TRX Group Fitness, TRX Rip Trainer and Indoor Cycling by Schwinn Bikes and Real Ryder.

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