3 Hip Openers to Keep You in Balance

3 Hip Openers to Keep You in Balance

Are you a runner, or into cycling classes or outdoor bike rides? Maybe you are training for your first half marathon or triathlon. 

Whatever type of activity and exercise you are into, it’s important to find balance within your body to support you what you love to do. 

What does this mean? Here’s a case scenario to help explain… my friend Amy is a runner, training for her third marathon. For months prior to the marathon, her training consists of running. And running. And running. Amy is now experiencing consistent knee and lower back pain. What she’s been missing within her training regimen is cross training. She has lost sight of keeping her key joints and muscle groups strong so that her body can support all of that running. 

The same goes for cyclists, and many endurance athletes. So much time is dedicated to one particular modality (like running), the body isn’t being kept in balance, or strong enough.

The following hip openers done on the BOSU® Balance Trainer,  are a great start to getting, and keeping, your body in balance. Hip stretches often go ignored, and they are incredibly important for runners and cyclists, and to support everyday activities.

Grab your BOSU® Balance Trainer and let’s start to find balance within your own training!

Glute Drop

Begin with your right knee centered on the dome of the BOSU® Balance Trainer, left leg extended straight out to the side, hands on hips. Find your balance and center yourself, and then slowly push your hips and glutes backward. Pause at the bottom, and slowly rise back up. Repeat 10 times.

Fire Hydrant with Leg Extension

Begin in tabletop position with knees on the floor right beneath your hips, and your hands on the dome of the Balance Trainer, right beneath your shoulders. Keeping your leg bent, slowly raise your right leg so that your leg is parallel to the floor, and then straighten it. Pause, and then bending at your knee bring your leg back in, then lower your leg to the floor to return to tabletop. Repeat on the other side. Do this 5 times on each leg.


Begin in Downward Facing Dog with your hands centered on the dome of the BOSU® Balance Trainer Extend your right leg out and up toward the back wall, and then, bending your knee, shift your weight forward slightly, bringing your leg in toward your elbows and allowing it to settle on the floor, still in the bend. Ease your weight down into it and find a nice stretch. Hold for at least 30 seconds. Repeat on the other side. 

Amina Daniels is a high energy fitness professional, who champions her Detroit based cycle studio, Live Cycle Delight and Yoga/Pilates studio LCD Hot. Amina holds fitness certifications in RYS200 from Kripalu, Group Strength, Personal Training, TRX Camps, TRX Group Fitness, TRX Rip Trainer and Indoor Cycling by Schwinn Bikes and Real Ryder.

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