BOSU® Cardio & Core Combos to Start Your Day!

BOSU® Cardio & Core Combos to Start Your Day!

Before the list of daily tasks weighs you down and the excuses pile up, make a commitment to start your day on a positive note! Who doesn’t desire to begin their day feeling physically energized, mentally focused, and empowered to take on whatever gets thrown their way? 


Here’s a little push to get you started:


Wake up your body and your mind.It is the beginning of the day, so let's not ask too much of ourselves! But we do know that exercising releases the feel good hormones and chemicals to improve mood, brain function, and keep stress levels down. When you combine exercise and the mental focus it takes to memorize a series of tasks (exercises) your mental performance can improve drastically. 


Be efficient and don’t waste your precious time. That feeling of being rushed and never having enough time can sneak up on you frequently throughout the week. Be efficient with your workouts by flowing exercises together that incorporate both cardio and core. The marriage of these two are perfect for cardiorespiratory health, and improving core strength will improve your posture, reduce lower back pain, and provide ease of everyday movements. 


Have a plan. The work is done for you. Grab your BOSU® Balance Trainer and practice these three combos. I recommend you start with one combo for one minute in length until you can flow through it with some ease before adding a new combo. Complete 1 - 3 of these every other day to begin, and build up to starting every day with a combo. 


Combo #1

Starting to one side of the Balance Trainer, step to a lateral lunge with the inside foot to the top of dome and extend your arms forward. Pushing back to a standing position, rotate your torso and reach your outside elbow towards the opposite knee. Repeat 2 more times on that side. Leap quickly up and over the dome and repeat for 3 reps on the opposite side. You can add a little more speed as your form and control improves. 

Combo #2


Squat, then sit and lean back until your lower back is centered on top of the dome. Take time to find your center of gravity and balance in this position. Complete 4 reps of bicycles, followed by 2 reps reaching up towards ceiling with small crunches. Roll up and jump to standing. Turn side and place one foot on the dome. Make one complete rotation around the dome with high knee marching or running (one foot on dome, one on the floor). Repeat the combo, switching directions on the high knee running each time. 

Combo #3

Start standing behind the Balance Trainer in a wide enough stance to straddle the dome. Jump forward (landing softly!) 3 times to position yourself in front of the Balance Trainer. Place your hands on the floor and jump (or step) back into a plank position with feet positioned on top of the dome. From here, pull your right knee across your body towards your left elbow, then pull your right knee outward toward your right elbow. Repeat this sequence with your left leg. Walk or jump back to a squat, then take 3 jumps backward (make sure you straddle the dome!) until you are facing the Balance Trainer again. Place your hands on dome this time and repeat the leg pull sequence. 

Becky Ingebrigtsenhas a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Wisconsin, and is the owner of A & B Fitness Concepts fitness studio. She is a college instructor, blogger and BOSU® Master Trainer.

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