Arms, Abs & Athleticism

Arms, Abs & Athleticism

Have you tried using the SURGE® Hydro Ball? The water inside the ball provides destabilized resistance as it moves around. This unpredictability requires your core to fire during every exercise! 

 Speaking of fire, I just worked with some firefighters a couple a weeks ago, using fire hoses as our resistance. They have to control the unpredictable movement of the hose AND the water pressure rushing through the hose, at all times. See where I’m coming from?

The SURGE® Hydro Ball is much easier to handle (and store!) and was create with similar principles in mind. The ball has two handles, giving you multiple grip options. Let’s create some heat in the arm alarm complexes below, where abs and athleticism are equally important. It’s training that translates to life!

  Chest Press Ladder

  • From a standing position with a two-hand grip, perform 6 fast Chest Presses with the SURGE® Hydro Ball, making the water crash on every press
  • Set the ball on the floor and jump to plank
  • Walking Plank 5 steps right; 1 Push-Up
  • Walking Plank 5 steps left;  jump in, pick up the ball and return to standing position
  • Repeat, increasing the number of Crashing Chest Presses and Push-Ups each round to create a ladder effect

To regress this complex, walk in and out of plank instead of jumping. Perform the push-ups from the knees.

Boulder Shoulder Burn

  • Side Lunge with a Lateral Raise to knee lift. Water will oscillate as the ball swings 
  • Rack to the right side shoulder and perform Single Arm Push-Presses, flip, Rack to left side shoulder and repeat Push-Presses 
  • Front Raises with 2-hand 2-handle grip
  • Steering Wheel (10 – 30 seconds)
  • Repeat sequence on other side

 To progress this complex, increase the number of repetitions of each exercise and/or increase the number of total sets performed.

 To regress this complex, decrease the number of reps and/or sets. Work your way up to 30 seconds of the steering wheel. These require a great deal of stabilization on already fatigued shoulders.

Torrid Ten

  • 10 Jump Shots
  • 10 Squat to Snatch
  • 10 Split-Stance Push-Ups*
  • 10 Single-Hand Ball Grip Bicep Curls. The water action here is quiet. Try to keep the water from moving.

*The work on the push-up is from the BACK arm, igniting the triceps. Use the back arm to perform the bicep curls immediately after. Alternate the back arm each time you perform the complex.

To progress this complex for more of a cardio drill, increase the number of Jump Shots and Squat to Snatch. To progress this skill in terms of strength, increase the number Push-Ups and Biceps Curls.

To regress this complex, change the Jump Shot to a Side Touch instead of jumping. Perform the Push-Ups from the knees. 

Train hard. Train smart. Train with water!

Elizabeth Lenart is a SURGE® Master Trainer. She is the founder of Studio E Fitness in West Springfield, Massachusetts, where she consults, trains and coaches. She also appears on the TV show Mass Appeal as a fitness expert.



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