Quick BOSU® Workouts for the Holiday Season

Quick BOSU® Workouts for the Holiday Season

The holiday season presents endless opportunities for fun with family and friends. But along with these come many obstacles that interfere with our fitness routine, including the temptation to indulge. Can you relate to this dilemma? Don’t worry! You can enjoy the festivities and still maintain your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.


There is no need to start from scratch after the holidays. Invest just 20 minutes each day utilizing a few impactful exercises to rev up the metabolism, train total body strength, and even improve mobility. A hefty time commitment is not needed to maintain or improve your fitness level through the craziness of the season. Sneak in a quick workout before work, during your lunch break or even in the evening. A small investment of your time will go a long way toward staying healthy and energized.


Try the following moves to get you started. They include BOSU® Balance Trainer exercises that utilize multiple-muscle groups so you can earn more benefits for your effort. After warming up, do each exercise for one minute, cycling through three times. Just 20 minutes and you’re done!


Strength: Overhead V-Squat 


Stand on dome in V-stance position with toes pointing down the dome. Reach arms overhead. Lower into a V-squat, then extend to standing position. Increase range of motion for more intensity.


Metabolic: Plank Squat Jump / Mountain Climber


Turn the Balance Trainer platform side up. Hold a plank position with hands on the platform. Jump forward to squat position with feet on either side of the Balance Trainer. Jump back to plank position. Do 4 mountain climbers, bringing alternating knees toward chest. For more challenge, increase tempo.


Strength: Biased Push-up / Triceps Push-up


Begin in plank position with hands on dome and knees on floor. Place right hand on floor and perform a push-up. Bring R hand back to dome. Do a triceps push-up and press up to kneeling position. Repeat left. To increase intensity, lift knees off floor on push-up. 


Metabolic: Plyometric Jumping Jack / Jump


Begin standing on top of dome. Jump to wide stance on floor, straddling Balance Trainer, and then jump back to top of dome. Perform a straight leg jump on top of dome. Squat lower and jump higher for more challenge.


Core and More: Row / Overhead Lift


Start standing, holding Balance Trainer with platform side up. Hinge forward from hips to bring it to knee level. Row, bringing elbows up, then lower. Extend hips and lift Balance Trainer overhead with straight arms, keeping core engaged. Lower to starting position. To increase intensity, add more power when lifting overhead.


Mobility: Forward Fold / Seated Twist


Begin seated on Balance Trainer with knees bent and feet on floor. Reach overhead and extend legs. Hinge at hips to fold forward. Return to start position and reach overhead. Rotate torso to right, holding left knee with right hand. Maintain a lengthened spine. Repeat entire sequence, twisting to left side. Increase range of motion for more challenge.



Melissa Weigelt, MS, is a BOSU® Master Trainer and owner at Flow Fitness Training, where she develops and presents a variety of continuing education programs for fitness instructors.


Learn, train and engage with other fitness professionals at BOSU® Live Education courses. For information on our cutting edge content, taught by the best in the industry, click HERE.


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