Double It Up with the BOSU® Balance Trainer & Ballast Ball

Double It Up with the BOSU® Balance Trainer & Ballast Ball

Summer is a great time to shake up your fitness routine, so why not shake things up, literally, by adding the Ballast® Ball into your BOSU® Balance Trainer Workout! Our secret “sand-like” material inside the ball is double trouble as it allows both assistance and resistance, depending on the exercise. 

To begin, try doing 4 - 6 reps of each exercise (alternating sides on the single side exercises), then progress to 10 – 12 reps. Cycle these in a circuit or plug and play into your regular workouts.

NOTE: If summertime heat leaves you extra sweaty, be sure to have a towel close by to wipe off both the Balance Trainer and the Ballast® Ball. This minimizes slipping and keeps you safe!


Balance Trainer & Ballast® Ball Push-Up


  • Spacing is KEY on this exercise, so be sure to make sure you aren’t too close or too far away from the Balance Trainer.
  • Stand in between the Ballast® Ball and Balance Trainer, facing the Ballast® Ball.
  • Place your hands on the Ballast® Ball and carefully step back and place your feet on the Balance Trainer dome. Be sure your shoulders are pulled down and away from your ears and into your back to maximize shoulder stabilization. Hold the plank. This is challenging enough so consider building confidence and strength here before adding on.
  • When you’ve progressed both strength and stabilization, lift one leg and tap side. To progress, change the tap to a knee pull into the chest. To progress even further, combine the knee pull with a push-up.

Progression Tip: Planks and push-ups with your hands on the Ballast® Ball are super challenging to begin with, so practice this exercise with your feet on the floor  (straddling the Balance Trainer) and then progress to one or both feet on the Ballast® Trainer dome.  


Balance Trainer & Ballast® Ball Supine Tuck Balance


  • Sit on the dome of the Balance Trainer, holding the Ballast® Ball in front. Keep one foot connected to the floor for balance and control, as you move into a modified “Dead Bug” position. 
  • From Dead Bug, extend one leg out and extend the arms overhead into a supine balance. Tuck the ball and knee(s) back into your chest to repeat.
  • When you are ready to progress, lift both legs into Dead Bug and extend both legs into supine balance.

Progression Tip: While the double leg extension might LOOK cool, choose the option where you optimize core work for your body with the least amount of stress in your neck and shoulders.


Balance Trainer & Ballast® Ball Side Lunge & Jump


  • Stand behind the Balance Trainer holding the Ballast® Ball with your hands at 3 and 9 o’clock.
  • Perform a lateral lunge, circling the ball overhead as your feet step back to center. Feel the load shift within the ball -- this creates a need for core stabilization. Repeat to the other side.
  • Holding the ball in front, jump and stick onto the Balance Trainer dome, shaking the ball as you jump. Straddle jump down to the floor, and touch the ball to the dome.

Progression Tip: The bigger the range of motion, the more challenging this series becomes. Go loud and proud when you’re ready!


Balance Trainer & Ballast® Ball Side Lunge & Prone Knee Pull


  • This one is the finale! (love finales!) Stand between the Ballast® Ball and the Balance Trainer, with one foot resting lightly on top of the ball. Bend the standing leg and extend the leg on the ball to perform three side lunges.
  • Keeping the same leg on the ball, pivot into a prone position with your hands on the dome of the Balance Trainer. 
  • Lift the leg you were standing on OFF the ball for a single leg knee pull for three repetitions. 
  • Return to standing position, turn around and repeat to the other side.

Progression Tip: Start with both legs on the ball for a double leg knee pull. This will be a little less challenging than the single leg pull. 


Take some video of you doing your favorite skill and tag #BOSU!

Elizabeth Lenart is a BOSU® Master Trainer. She is the founder of Studio E Fitness in West Springfield, Massachusetts, where she consults, trains and coaches. She also appears on the TV show Mass Appeal as a fitness expert.


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