Elijah Muhammad's Smart and Simple Way to Load

Elijah Muhammad's Smart and Simple Way to Load

Finding the momentum to workout can be tough. Finding the right movements to do, using the correct loads, and more importantly, doing the movements with the proper technique to stay safe can be even tougher. Here is a way to keep it simple and also stay smart when loading yourself.  

The SURGE® Storm can be loaded with water and weigh up to 60lbs. No matter what weight you choose to load it to, this tool adds stability to the movement to give you results in strength & toning faster.  

The SURGE® Storm is such a versatile tool, and possibilities are endless- but here are a few examples of movements you can get into when using the Storm.  

Note: This tool is also safe enough for kids to use and looks cool so they want to workout with mom & dad. (* Make sure that the proper weight in water is loaded so that the child is safe and moving efficiently through the movements.)  

Split Press 

You are going to take your dominant foot and place it out in front of your body, with the knee over the ankle. Then, place your back foot behind your torso in a slight lunge position making sure that your knee is not touching the ground. You should be on the ball of your foot. (back leg) From here you are going to perform 10-15 presses, 3 sets w/ 1:00 rest between. Hold at the top, then bring it down under your chin and return to fully locked arms as quickly as possible.  


Split Jerk

In this movement, you will start from a fully locked out standing position with the Surge Storm in front of you and your elbows under it. You will then jump and move your feet into a wide lunge stance locking the Storm out overhead at the same time. Once done you will stand with Storm overhead with locked out arms. Then, return it back to the front of your body. You will do this for 10-20 reps for 3 sets with 1:00 rest between sets.  

Knees and Ankles 

Next, we will get into some stability and strength holds. The first one will be a single leg Storm Balance. This will help to build strength in the legs and stability in the joints. Hold the Storm while balancing on one leg. Shift the Surge left to right so the water loads one side and then the other. This will probably be really tough. Try to hold for 30 or 4 tilts to each side. Do this for 3 sets on each leg.  

Up & Over  

This movement is a nonstop movement that focuses on working your total body. You will start with the Storm on the side of you taking it up and over your head to the opposite side of your body. Make sure that you’re getting the edge of the Surge Storm to knee level and then returning it to the original side. You will do this back and forth for 1:00 in duration. Rest :30 and repeat for 3-5 sets.  

Elijah "EZ" Muhammad is a world-renowned 2x CrossFit Athlete  

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