5 BOSU® HIIT Complexes to Rev Your Metabolism

5 BOSU® HIIT Complexes to Rev Your Metabolism

Burn it up with five blazing HIIT complexes to fire up your classes, clients, use as a finisher, OR…maybe all together for a sweltering sweat sesh. Don’t forget -- if you’re going to make it rain, remember to have a towel close by for both you and the BOSU® Balance Trainer -- we always want the dome to be dry. Safety first!



Work as hard as you safely can for 10 seconds, then recover for 10 seconds. Complete 10 rounds for just over 3 minutes of metabolism revving!



Exercise: Split Lunges 

  • Start in a lunge with both knees flexed approximately 90 degrees
  • Jump and switch legs to a lunge on the opposite side
  • Lunging lower and jumping higher will increase intensity



A “monster set” stacks four or more exercises back to back to back. Perform the four exercises for 30 seconds each. Progress and regress when needed using variables like speed and range of motion. You can regress one or two while progressing the one or two you feel most confident executing. Focus on what you CAN do and capitalize on it! When you’ve completed all four exercises, take 60 seconds off to recover. Repeat for a total of 3 - 5 rounds.



  • Squat to Shoulder Press
  • Pushup - Recoil - Explode
  • Squat to Plank
  • Traveling Push-Ups



Complete AMany Rounds APossible of the following exercises/reps in 5 minutes. Work up to 10 - 12 minutes.



  • 5 Dead Bug to Plank
  • 5 Push-Ups with Feet on the Dome
  • 10 Burpee - Hands to Floor - Feet to Dome
  • 5 Bulgarian Lunge R
  • 5 Bulgarian Lunge L
  • 10 Squats on Dome
  • 15 Power Jack from Dome to Floor
  • Rest as needed and then begin the next round



A ladder is an add-on drill. Perform the first exercise for 10 reps. Rest. Perform the first exercise for 10 reps, and then the second exercise for 10 reps. Keep adding on 10 reps of the next exercise each round. The last round should be 10 reps of all 5 exercises back to back. Rest as needed, then repeat the ladder for a second time to the other side.



  • Box Jump
  • Bias Jog
  • Skate
  • Bias Squat/Jump Squat
  • Across the Top & Cross Back



A rolling interval slowly increases intensity as the interval times decrease. Start for 30 seconds at moderate intensity. Build to 20 seconds of higher intensity and finish with 10 seconds of all-out effort.



Exercise: Side to Side Squats

  • 30 seconds- Start standing on the dome. Step down with one foot into a squat, rotate side, rotate back to the front while stepping back top. Alternate side to side.
  • 20 seconds – Squat to the side, jump up, squat, stand back on top. The timing is: down, up/down, down, stand back on top. Duration decreases, intensity increases.
  • 10 seconds – All-out effort , side to side squats. REST 

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Elizabeth Lenart is a BOSU® Master Trainer. She is the founder of Studio E Fitness in West Springfield, Massachusetts, where she consults, trains and coaches. She also appears on the TV show Mass Appeal as a fitness expert.

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