Quick Core Workout with the Surge® Hydro Ball

Quick Core Workout with the Surge® Hydro Ball

I am always on the lookout for innovative and time-efficient ways to train the core. How about you? Most of us routinely use spinal flexion exercises, like the standard crunch, to strengthen our abdominal muscles, but there many more options that may in fact provide more benefits.  How are the core muscles used in daily life? Sure, we use them to flex the spine, but we also rotate, extend, stabilize, and laterally flex the trunk, so perhaps it makes sense to include these actions in our workouts.

Once you have mastered the basics, you can progress your core routine by adding some resistance into the mix. Are you familiar with Hydro-Training? Hydro-Training utilizes water to provide a unique stability challenge. If you have not yet tried the SURGE® Hydro Ball, here is your chance to experience Hydro-Training at its finest!  You will notice that all exercises require core engagement because, in addition to adding additional load, water provides a more dynamic training environment than traditional fitness equipment. As the water shifts inside the Hydro Ball you must continuously adapt and adjust to maintain proper body position.

Try incorporating these five creative and challenging exercises into your next training session!

Rear Curtsy Lunge & Ribbon

Grip: 2-Hand 2-Handle

Water Action: Oscillate (continuous water motion) 

Stand in hip-width stance holding the Surge® Hydro Ball at chest level. Step right (R) foot back diagonally toward the left corner and lower into a lunge while bringing Hydro Ball to left (L) hip. Return to starting position while simultaneously lifting the ball cross-body and circling it around the back of the head. Repeat other side. 

Front Lunge & Chop

Grip: 2-Hand Ball Grip

Water Action: Crash (acceleration of water with quick stop)

Stand in hip-width stance holding the Surge® Hydro Ball at chest level. Step forward with the R foot and lower into lunge position while rotating the torso and driving the ball toward the R hip. Return to standing position while lifting the Hydro Ball overhead. Repeat L.

Dead Bug Pullover & Hip Extension

Grip: 2-Hand 2-Handle

Water Action: Quiet (no water motion)

Begin in supine position with knees over hips, holding the Hydro Ball above the chest with extended elbows. Extend hips and knees and bring the legs toward the floor while flexing at the shoulders to bring the Hydro Ball overhead. Return to starting position. 

Quadruped Hover Plank & Kneeling Hinge

Grip: 2-Hand 2-Handle

Water Action: Crash 

Begin in quadruped position with knees slightly off the floor and Hydro Ball on the floor in front of the shoulders. Jump back to plank position, then back into quadruped position. Drop knees to the floor and lift the Hydro Ball overhead while extending the hips. Return to starting position.

Squat Swing & Lateral Flexion

Grip: 2-Hand 2-Handle

Water Action: Crash / Quiet 

Start standing with feet hip-width apart, holding the Hydro Ball at hip level. Flex at the knees and hips to lower into a squat. Return to standing and swing the ball overhead with extended elbows. Shift weight to the R foot and laterally flex the spine toward the R side. Return to upright position. Repeat sequence other side.

 Melissa Weigelt, MS, is a SURGE® Master Trainer and owner at Flow Fitness Training, where she develops and presents a variety of continuing education programs for fitness instructors.


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