BOSU® Balance Pods Backyard Workout

BOSU® Balance Pods Backyard Workout

BOSU® Balance Pods are perfect pieces of equipment for outdoor workouts at home or a neighborhood park. They offer not only balance challenges, but agility, coordination, and multi-planer opportunities – and of course FUN! The following 5 drills display the versatility of the Balance Pods from a multitude of body positions. 

 Front Lunge & Squat Combo

Place all 4 Balance Pods in an upside-down “T” formation. With each foot on a Pod, lower into a balanced squat. Step forward with the outside foot to the front Pod and perform a lunge. Step back to a squat. Repeat the squat / lunge combo several times on one side. Step off to the ground behind the Pods. Repeat the combo on the other side. 

Balanced Pod Walk and Back Pedal 

Position 4 Balance Pods in a line, approximately 1 - 2 feet apart, and stand at the end of the line. Step onto the first Pod and then walk down the line of Pods, balancing as you travel forward. When you reach the last Pod, lift the knee and balance for a few seconds, then step off side and back pedal or shuffle back to the start. Repeat, leading with the opposite foot. 

Skate Short to Long

Place 4 Balance Pods in a straight line approximately 1 - 2 feet apart, and stand centered behind them. Leap side to side with skater lunges, cross body touching the inner Pods then the outer Pods. Repeat 10 times.  

Plank Pod Pass

Place 2 Balance Pods shoulder distance apart and set plank position with hands on Pods. Lift the right hand up, holding the Pod in that hand. Reach diagonally under the body and place the Pod down. Return that hand back to plank position. Repeat the Pod pass under the body on the other side. Lift the right arm again, reach under the body to retrieve the Pod, and place it back in the start position. Repeat other side.  

Pod Push-Up Walk

Place 4 Balance Pods on the ground. Set up in a push-up position with Pods under both hands and feet. Walk forward with hands on Pods and perform a push up. Walk the hands back to start position and perform another push-up. Repeat for several sets. 

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