At Home Training with the SURGE® Storm

At Home Training with the SURGE® Storm

Within the current environment, we are all looking to find ways to workout at home or outside. This can be a great opportunity to get creative and identify products to build a home training environment. 

Yet creating a home gym can be a bit daunting -- what products will you need? Where will you store them? How will you come up with routines and exercises and workouts?

The good news is, you don’t need to dive into the deep end right away. Sometimes starting with one or two or three versatile tools is all it takes to ramp up your at-home workouts, and you can add on from there as you see fit.

Key Considerations and Elements of at Home Training

You’ll want to look for equipment that is versatile and can be used for lots of different exercises and types of training, from strength to cardio to core, and evolve with you as you evolve in your training. Ideally the equipment should be portable -- so you can take it outside or into different areas of your home if needed. It should be easy to store so that it’s not underfoot. Also look for equipment that’s supported online with workouts and content that you can easily access for training ideas.

The SURGE® Storm meets all of these essential elements and more. It is the ideal piece of equipment to start and build on for your at home training. Let’s take a look…

The Surge® Storm is Versatile!

The SURGE® Storm uses water to create dynamic shifting weight, and can easily be filled to desired weights, making it one of the most versatile products available. You can keep it light as you begin to get the feel for this type of training and experiment with different exercises, and add water as you see fit.

 Using the water filled SURGE® Storm to train offers four different types of water actions to add challenge:

Quiet: This is where you hold the Storm still as you do balance work or dynamic movements. The idea is to avoid letting the water shift, and this forces the body to fully engage to hold the load steady.

Crash: This is quick, large movements to force the water to shift rapidly, then quickly stop. The force and momentum creates a strong contraction at the end of the movement, which builds strength and power.

Oscillate: This continuous and steady water motion while moving the Storm requires core stabilization and strength.

Dump: This is moving the water from one end of the Storm to the other, which requires intense bracing and stabilization at the end of the movement.

As you can see, there are endless opportunities here to get creative with effective and fun exercises! Play with the volume of water and try intensifying the exercises once you feel comfortable.

Try these quick exercise sequences as a starting point -- and then get creative and add your own!

Row to Stand

Twist Push 

Dynamic Hinge/Lunge/Press

The SURGE® Storm is Portable

Grab the Storm and head out to the backyard, the park -- anywhere you want to train, it can easily go with you! I like to go to the park and run sprints or stairs, with SURGE exercises in between for a total body strength and conditioning workout.

The SURGE® Storm is Durable

Made of hard plastic, the Storm can take what you throw at it. From outdoor to indoor training the SURGE® Storm will hold up.

It’s time to embrace the home gym -- at least for now -- and get tools and equipment that can facilitate and supplement any workout routine.

Amina Daniels is a high energy fitness professional, who champions her Detroit based cycle studio, Live Cycle Delight and Yoga/Pilates studio LCD Hot. Amina holds fitness certifications in RYS200 from Kripalu, Group Strength, Personal Training, TRX Camps, TRX Group Fitness, TRX Rip Trainer and Indoor Cycling by Schwinn Bikes and Real Ryder.

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