BOSU® 10-Minute Core Crusher

BOSU® 10-Minute Core Crusher

In the middle of March, I suddenly found myself sitting in front of my computer for hours upon hours, trying to transition 9 different college-level courses to an online delivery method. It didn’t take long before my body began screaming! Back-ache, tension through my neck and shoulders, tight hip-flexors -- you name it -- I felt it! Luckily, I had my BOSU® Balance Trainer to turn to, not only to improve and maintain my core strength, but also to allow me to stretch in ways that would balance out my body. Each of following core exercises is paired with a stretch. Spend about 60-seconds performing the core work. Then, take the next minute to relax into the associated stretch. Give yourself permission to take 10-minutes a day (maybe even 2 or 3 times a day) for YOU! Your body will thank you! 

Dancing Crab & Starfish

Dancing Crab


Sitting supine on the dome, place hips on top of the logo. Place hands and feet on the floor in a “crab” position. Transition body weight into hands and feet, lifting the glutes off the dome. Reach alternating hands and feet upward while continuing to keep the hips elevated. To regress the exercise, instead of two limbs, single limbs can be lifted. 

From initial “crab” position, shift hips a bit more towards the floor. Being mindful that the lower back is well supported by the BOSUÒ Balance Trainer, lie back, placing the head on the floor and outstretching the arms. To deepen the stretch, extend the legs and relax into the full starfish position.

Back Extension & Quad Stretch

Back Extension

Quad Stretch

Lying in a prone position, place hips on the dome logo. Fully extend legs with ankles flexed and toes curled under, keeping the balls of the feet grounded on the floor throughout the entire exercise. Arms can be extended overhead, bent at the elbows, or reaching down by the sides of the body. Lift the upper body, keeping as much extension through the spine as possible. Be sure spine stays neutral through the neck, keeping the crown of the head pointed forward. Continue to lift and lower the upper body in a slow, controlled fashion, using the arm lever length to progress or regress intensity.

Placing one forearm on the floor for greater stability, bend opposite knee, bringing the heel towards the glute. Reaching back with same side hand, grasp the foot or ankle and gently pull the heel toward the hips to find a quad stretch. Keep knees hip-width apart, being sure to maintain integrity of the knee joint and avoiding any rotation. Brace through the core to support the lower-back. External rotation of the shoulder joint may be added if seeking more upper body expansion.


Biased Hip Bridge & Chest Expansion

Biased Hip Bridge

Chest Expansion

Sitting on the floor, lean back into supine position, placing one shoulder on the central dome logo. Place both feet flat on the floor, hip distance apart, maintaining knee-ankle alignment. Perform hip bridges by lifting and lowering the hips, keeping the core tight and pelvis neutral. Perform 30 seconds on one shoulder, then switch to the other side. For an additional challenge, alternating leg extensions may be performed at the top of each hip bridge.

From sitting on the floor, move the hips so they are centered in front of the Balance Trainer dome. Lean back into supine position so the upper mid-back is placed on the dome’s central logo. Extend the arms out to the sides in a “T” shape. Breath deeply, allowing the chest to expand, opening through the shoulders, and extending the spine. 

Crunch and Reach & Butterfly Chest Opener

Crunch and Reach

Butterfly Chest Opener

Begin by finding a balanced “dead-bug” position with the lower back centered on the dome. From there, ground the feet to the floor and cross the arms over the chest. Sit up, performing a crunch. Then, lean back, keeping the shoulder blades off of the dome, and reach the arms over-head. For an additional challenge, look at your hands as the arms extend. Finally, bring the arms back to the chest, and repeat. 

Sitting on the dome, place the soles of the feet together, allowing the knees to fall out and hips to open in a “butterfly” position. Place the palms on the dome behind the hips, externally rotate the shoulders, and extend through the spine and elbows to open the chest.


Side-Lying Abduction & Side Stretch

Side-Lying Abduction

Side Stretch

Lying on one side, place the hip on the dome and forearm and foot on the floor. Keeping the hips stacked and avoiding any hip flexion, lift and lower the outside leg. Perform 30 seconds on one side, then switch to the other. 

From side-lying position, bend the supporting arm and rest the head down. Extend the other arm over-head while relaxing into the dome, stretching long through the entire side of the body.



Lucy Waite, MS, is a BOSU® master trainer and an instructional associate professor of health and kinesiology at Texas A & M University in College Station, TX.

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