Which Balance Trainer is Right for You?

Which Balance Trainer is Right for You?
Did you know we make 5 different styles of BOSU® Balance Trainers? And when combined with the color options on some, that’s over 30 units to choose from! So, outside of matching one to your personal character or alma mater, how do you know your selection will be the right one for its intended use?  We’ve broken down each here to help discover which will be the best fit for you:

BOSU® Home Balance Trainer

The Home Balance Trainer is our classic and a perfect choice for the casual home user! With a 65cm diameter, its original style dome & platform surfaces will enhance any basic workout or training style with an element of instability to help improve health & life activities!  Insider Info: Same model used for the Build Your Own BOSU® feature and be sure to check for wear of the non-slip feet – which are replaceable!

BOSU® NexGen™ Home Balance Trainer

You get all the greatness of our Home unit, with the added benefit of our textured NexGen™ dome! This unique feature allows better grip for both hands and feet while the patterning assists in both placement & cuing of appropriate body part based on the exercise.  Insider Info: The textured surface may allow a grippier experience for our barefoot training friends but sweat is inevitable with or without shoes. As with all our Balance Trainers, be cautious and have a towel handy to keep the product clean & dry!

BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer

The smaller surface area and circumference (only 50cm) make the Sport unit more appealing to children, Trainers & Coaches who travel for clients, and users in smaller spaces. Although modest in size, it’s still mighty when it comes time to work out! Insider Info: Same dome, platform & feet as the two units mentioned above so recommended for home use only.

BOSU® Pro Balance Trainer

Our most recognized product, the ‘original’ Pro Balance Trainer boasts a patented double-molded base (for extra strength) and a smooth, non-skid platform surface (so nothing gets in your way) making it the ultimate choice for professional and commercial-grade use! Our Pro unit was made to withstand the toughest workout format while still promoting all the function and feedback needed for effective stability training.  Insider Info: You don’t need to be a fitness pro to use our Pro Balance Trainer, however it’s the only model recommended for clubs, clinics, training centers or any situation expecting high volume use.

BOSU® NexGen™ Pro Balance Trainer

The latest generation of our Pro unit also offers the unique texture benefits of the NexGen™ dome while maintaining the high-quality features needed for commercial & professional use!  Insider Info: We can customize your Balance Trainer to complement your business – contact us at sales@bosu.com for more details (minimum quantities required)   Bottom line, any BOSU® Balance Trainer is a fantastic choice and each will take your HIIT, core, strength, mobility or total-body workout to the next level! Happy picking!
Carol Teteak, MS is our Education Manager with almost 20 years of BOSU® experience. She is a veteran Personal Trainer & Group Fitness Instructor who mentors new industry professionals while advocating continuing education!
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