Find Your Imbalances and Correct Them!

Find Your Imbalances and Correct Them!

The human body is a unified system, integrated from the ground up, with muscle and fascia connected from toes to fingertips. Therefore, if muscle function is suboptimal somewhere in the kinetic chain, there may be consequences elsewhere. The feet and hips are most often to blame for non-traumatic knee injuries. The unfortunate knee is stuck between the hip and the foot and will do anything the foot and hip ‘tells’ it to. So if you have a foot that over pronates or a glute that’s somewhat inactive, the knee is often the victim.


By incorporating ground reactive forces, gravity and Hydro-Inertia®, these three integrated, whole body exercises strengthen key areas of the body, such as the foot, hip, core and shoulder girdle muscles. By adding the unique loading properties of the SURGE® Storm, top-down instability is driven into the system, creating a ‘living’ resistance to activate dormant muscles.


SURGE® Infinity Flow Lunge

This flowing lunge is deceptive! Lunging forward and chopping the SURGE® Storm across the front leg enhances the posterior oblique fascial system by strengthening contra-lateral gluteal and shoulder girdle muscles, thereby activating the hip extensors and building lumbar stability through the thoracolumbar fascia.


Set Up: Stand tall with feet together, holding the SURGE® Storm in a neutral grip at chest height. 


Movement: Lunge forward R and chop the SURGE® Storm across the front leg. Push back and chop in the other direction, ‘paddling’ L and R. Oscillate the water in a continuous motion throughout the exercise. Repeat, alternating sides, for 8 - 12 repetitions on each side. Rest 30 - 60 seconds and perform 2 - 3 total sets.


SURGE® Deadlift Press

Set Up: Stand tall while balancing on the right leg with the left foot lifted slightly off the floor. Hold the SURGE® Storm in an asymmetrical grip; one hand on the left neutral handle and the other in a wide grip on the right end.


Movement: Hinge forward at the hip while keeping the R knee in a slightly bent position. Tighten the core muscles and maintain neutral spine, flexing the hip to approximately 90 degrees. Return to upright, then press the SURGE® Storm overhead. Maintain quiet water action. Repeat for 8 - 12 repetitions on each side. Perform 2 – 3 total sets. 


SURGE® Shifty Sweeping Lateral Lunge

This lateral lunge focuses on weight shift and balance. The sweeping movement of the SURGE® Storm, with the water action of dumping from one end to the other, provides an intense lower body and core challenge. By shifting the SURGE® Storm, the body’s center of gravity moves creating a balance challenge that also strengthens the stance foot.


Set Up: Stand tall, balancing on the right foot, holding the SURGE® Storm at chest height in a neutral grip. 


Movement: Slowly shift the SURGE® Storm to the right, maintaining quiet water and balance. Step laterally left to a wide lunge with the feet parallel. Sweep the SURGE® Storm across the body to vertical. Step back to single leg balance. Repeat for 8 - 12 repetitions on each side. Perform 2 - 3 total sets.


Keli Roberts is part of the SURGE® Development Team and creates workshops and workout programs for fitness professionals. She is a Master Trainer for SURGE®, BOSU®, Schwinn®, and Precision Nutrition, as well as a Certified Cancer Exercise Specialist.


Learn, train and engage with other fitness professionals at SURGE® Live Education courses. For information on our cutting edge content, taught by the best in the industry, click HERE.

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