BOSU® has been the leader in functional training for over 20 years. BOSU® products have changed the lives of millions across the globe, making the BOSU® brand one of the most influential  brands in the fitness industry. One of BOSU®’s missions is to equip people with products and training that translate to life

BOSU® continues to lead the industry with the announcement of its acquisition of SURGE®. SURGE® is the industry leader in hydro training equipment. SURGE®’s Hydro Trainers have been used by elite athletes and trainers across the globe. 

With this exciting development BOSU® will now offer new hydro training professional education through BOSU® University in order to  educate fitness pros on the science behind hydro training and the new BOSU® hydro training product line. “The alignment of the two brands couldn’t have come at a better time. 2021 will see BOSU launching several new product lines and training concepts which will not only add to BOSU’s product offering but solidify BOSU’s position in the fitness market for years to come,” says Marty Shannon CEO of BOSU® Fitness. 

The new hydro training line of products will be available at, Amazon, and fine retailers across America. If you’re a gym or club ask your equipment representative about BOSU®’s new hydro training equipment. Professional education can be found at For more information on BOSU® please visit

  • Strong and Stable Core Training

    Strong and Stable Core Training

    Training balance and stability improves the ability to control body position and maintain optimal joint position.

  • BOSU® Metabolic Methods

    BOSU® Metabolic Methods

    If you have limited time to devote to your workouts (Don’t we all?) but crave a high energy and creative workout, try these 3 exercises.

  • Training for Skiing in the Offseason

    Training for Skiing in the Offseason

    There are infinite amount of things you can do with the Nex Gen™ Pro Balance Trainer.