Work Out at Home with the BOSU® Balance Trainer

Work Out at Home with the BOSU® Balance Trainer

Finding time for a workout does not always seem possible. This is a common complaint among fitness enthusiasts. Even those of us with great intentions and a strong commitment to wellness often skip exercise when other responsibilities become overwhelming. We know that we feel better when we prioritize our fitness sessions, yet there are only 24 hours in a day. 

For many, evening is the best time to tackle a workout. Much of the “to do” list is complete for the day – work, chores, dinner, etc. What an accomplishment! Now, how about that workout? You have a choice between relaxing after a long day or committing to an exercise session. Let’s be realistic. Recruiting the energy and motivation to hit the gym is not easy. Can you relate?

I sometimes favor going to the gym vs. working out at home. I enjoy the social atmosphere at my fitness studio and the sense of camaraderie and connection when working out with others is a source of motivation. Having said that, getting out the door, especially in the evening, once I’m settled in, feels like a daunting task. If this is the case for you, maybe a short and sweet session in the comfort of your own home is worth considering. Want to give it a try? Here are some strategies that will assist you with this endeavor:

  • Plug your workout plan into your calendar. You will be more likely to follow through if you set up a reminder. 
  • Enlist support! Enjoy the added benefit of quality time with family by inviting them to join you.
  • Ditch the “more is better” mindset. Even a short workout can yield benefits such as improved sleep, increased cardiovascular fitness, and enhanced feelings of well-being.
  • Be creative with your fitness schedule. Can you squeeze in 15 minutes of cardio while dinner is in the oven? How about a short 10-minute core strength session when listening to the news? 
  • For a quick and effective routine, choose high-intensity intervals or circuit training. 
  • Consider what type of music motivates you the most and have an awesome playlist ready to go.
  • Feeling especially fatigued? If so, choose a rejuvenating stretching routine. 
  • Keep it simple. Choose just one or two pieces of equipment that you can have on hand when ready to jump into your training session.

My “go to” equipment choice for a quick and effective workout at home is the BOSU® Balance Trainer. It is a training device that you can apply to familiar exercises for a functional and fun workout. If time efficiency is a priority, you can’t go wrong with this tool. You can infuse balance training into other fitness modalities, like cardiovascular conditioning and strength training, and get additional benefits, including increased recruitment of core muscles, improved coordination, and greater carryover effect to activities of daily living. 

If a minimal equipment workout is a goal, the Balance Trainer is an ideal choice. You can use your own body weight for resistance. No additional equipment needed! Check out my 15-minute BOSU® Balance Trainer interval routine. Alternate challenging cardio exercises with strength training moves that can be used for recovery. After a short warm up, do each exercise for 45 seconds with minimal time to transition. Repeat the routine 3 times, resting 1 minute in between each cycle. 

Biased Squat and Rear Lunge  


Begin standing on top of the BOSU® Balance Trainer dome. Step right (R) foot off laterally and lower into squat position. Step left (L) foot back into rear lunge. Return L foot to top of Balance Trainer dome and return to starting position. Repeat other side.

*To further elevate heart rate, increase range of motion, add speed of movement, and jump to top of Balance Trainer.

Side Plank and Low Lunge


Start in plank position with hands on dome. Bring R hand to floor and open into a side plank. Bring both hands back to dome and pause in plank position. Step R leg forward to side of Balance Trainer into low lunge. Reach arms overhead. Return to starting position and repeat other side.

*To regress, drop knee to floor when turning into side plank.

Clean and Press


Begin standing, holding Balance Trainer in front of hips. Lower into squat and lower Balance Trainer toward floor. Extend at knees and hips to return to standing position while bending elbows to bring Balance Trainer to chest level. Lower into squat position; then stand and press Balance Trainer overhead. Return to starting position.

*To further elevate heart rate, increase range of motion and add a jump when lifting Balance Trainer overhead.

Triceps Dip and Supine Balance

Begin seated on Balance Trainer with hands beside hips. Lift hips off dome and do triceps dip by bending elbows and dropping hips toward floor. Extend elbows and return to starting position. Repeat. Bring hips to front side of dome and lie back into supine position, reaching arms overhead and extending legs. Return to seated position and repeat.

*To regress, keep feet on floor.

Melissa Weigelt, MS is a BOSU® Master Trainer and owner at Flow Fitness Training, where she develops and presents a variety of continuing education programs for fitness instructors.

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