Kids Fitness & Fun

Kids Fitness & Fun

It’s no secret, kids love the BOSU® Balance Trainer! All you have to do is put the Balance Trainer in the middle of the floor and it’s a kid magnet. It puts an automatic smile on a kid’s face and their creative minds start thinking just how they can use this piece of equipment. 

Simply walking, bouncing and sitting provides automatic feedback to improve a child's stability, balance, coordination, agility, and provides an outlet for energy. There is so much potential for using the BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer with kids of all ages to enhance any level of fitness from lower activity levels to young athletes. 

The BOSU® Sport is a 50 cm, smaller compact design of the original Balance Trainer that we all know and love. This smaller design can be more biomechanically appropriate for younger kids with a smaller width and height, yet helpful when performing athletic movements with older kids. 

The benefit of introducing a child to a BOSU® Sport Balance Trainer is the fact that they will have fun yet be reaping the fitness benefits while barely noticing!

The drills below range from fun (a crowd pleaser for any child) to more athletic movements. 

It is important to give each child a goal and clear direction for proper form first, followed by plenty of encouragement! Emphasizing consistent practice will help youth see their own improvements and motivate them to continue their practice. 

Perform each of the following drills for an amount of time appropriate for age and fitness level.  

Sitting “Genie”  

Kids will strengthen their core and work on hip mobility while imagining themselves as a “genie” on a carpet ride. Sitting tall on the platform side, bring hands to heart center. With control, slowly move hips in a circular motion while maintaining core balance. 


Kids love to bounce on the Balance Trainer dome. Give them the freedom to do so with purpose! With soft knees, kids start bouncing while maintaining balance on the dome. A parent or coach will walk around, making sure to walk to the sides, front, and behind the child to challenge their peripheral vision. Kids will continue to bounce, turning to face the parent or coach, until the parent/coach raises a hand. At this time kids will “freeze” and hold a squat position, quieting and leveling the feet on the dome. 

Quick Arm & Knee Coordination

Run on top of the BOSU® Sport dome, focusing on driving the knees up with opposition hand and knee motion. Brace the core and hold on every third running step. Balance and hold. Quickly jump laterally onto the floor and then back up the dome. Repeat on the other side. 

Explosive Jumps 

Leap laterally onto the dome. Leap back to the floor still balancing on one foot. Only pausing briefly to gain stability, jump forward landing on two feet. Shuffle back to the starting position. Repeat 5 - 10 times before switching to the other side. 

Athletic Hip Power - Kneeling Jumps   

Start kneeling on the dome. Push the hips back at the same time as arms are reaching behind. Using the hip hinge power drive hips forward while arms swing forward. Pull knees forward and land on top of the dome in a low squat position.

Progression: Toes are off the floor at the start of the movement.

Regressions: Toes begin touching the floor. 

Thank you to Iris & Ivy Ingebrigtsen and Sara & Megan Drake for assisting with these videos!



Becky Ingebrigtsen has a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Wisconsin, and is the owner of A & B Fitness Concepts fitness studio. She is a college instructor, blogger and BOSU® Master Trainer.


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