BOSU® Double Up Double Down DVD with Jay Blahnik, Julz Arney & Amy Dixon

BOSU® Double Up Double Down DVD with Jay Blahnik, Julz Arney & Amy Dixon

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Are you ready to double the intensity, double the interaction, double the results and double the FUN? BOSU® Double Up Double Down will teach you brand new drills, skills and sequences using two BOSU® Balance Trainers, not just one! Learn how to exponentially expand the utility of BOSU training simply by doubling down, and walk away with exciting ideas for solo drills, partner drills and team drills that can be used in group fitness, personal training, boot camp, kid’s programs, circuit training and sport conditioning. Guaranteed to inspire you to BOSU like never before!


BOSU® Double Up Double Down is designed to give fitness professionals:

  • 15 drills that focus on a variety of athletic and fitness benefits, including cardio, strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, reaction and agility
  • Several progressions and regressions of each drill for variety and appropriateness for clients of different fitness and skill levels
  • Teaching and coaching cues to maximize the effectiveness of each drill
  • A bonus “Balance Challenge Variables” tutorial to expand the options for every drill
  • Approximate running time: 40 minutes
  • Equipment: 2 BOSU® Balance Trainers

Led by Jay Blahnik
Featuring Julz Arney & Amy Dixon

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