BOSU® Sports Conditioning Basketball

BOSU® Sports Conditioning Basketball

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The BOSU® Sports Conditioning Series is based on the well-known and innovative sports conditioning techniques developed by Peter Twist of Twist Conditioning, Inc. These linked system techniques, incorporated with the BOSU® Balance Trainer, have helped many college and professional athletes improve their game and they can do the same for you!

You will need the following equipment to do any of these workouts.

  • A 4 lbs.BOSU® Soft Fitness Ball
  • BOSU® Balance Trainer
  • Resistance tubing with door attachment
  • Resistance tubing can be found at most sporting goods retailers.

Basketball with Peter Twist ( TRT: approx. 47 minutes)
Basketball is a very athletic sport that requires you to run, jump and throw with speed and accuracy. Develop the strength, endurance, quickness and balance that can easily transfer to the basketball court.

Section I: Balance and Equilibrium Warm-up
Learn balance and weight transfer skills that will help protect your ankles on landing, power through one-on-one battles and provide balanced coordination to shoot off the dribble.

Section II: Multi-Directional Movement
These movement drills will help you with mobility and hard cuts on offense, and the ability to apply pressure on defense.

Section III: Neuromuscular Activation
These drills will help you initiate directional power when landing or braking, put snap behind passes and prepare you for all our effort in a game.

Section IV: Quickness and Agility
Quickness and agility are important for both offensive and defensive tactics.

Section V: Athletic Strength, Power and Core
These drills focus on total body power production, core strength, stability and rotary movement skills so you can play both more efficiently and with more power.

Section VI: Flexibility
Stretching helps you avoid injuries and allows your muscles to relax and recover after a challenging workout or game.

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