BOSU® Personal Training Certification Manual & DVD

BOSU® Personal Training Certification Manual & DVD

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The BOSU® Personal Training Certification teaches you a unique system for incorporating strength, cardio, core, balance and agility into one full body workout with the BOSU® Balance Trainer, BOSU® Ballast® Ball, BOSU® POWERSTAX™, and BOSU Soft Fitness Ball. This training will give you the theory and science behind functional training, as well as new and exciting BOSU® exercises that can be used for one-on-one personal training or small group settings. Learn how to teach and coach a full workout consisting of 6 triplexes that focus on different components of fitness, as well as progressions and regressions for all levels of fitness. In addition, you will take away 2 bonus triplexes that can be added to any workout for motivation and fun. Get ready to take BOSU® training to a higher level!

Manual is 67 pages.
Approximate DVD run time is 58 minutes.

**NOTE** Continuing education credits are NOT AVAILABLE with the purchase of this product. 
To earn continuing education credits by participating in a live version of this certification, visit for a current listing. 
To host a certification or workshop, visit

To become regional master trainer, visit

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