MMA Fighter Fit™ DVD (featuring the BOSU® Balance Trainer) with Kevin Kearns & Marcus Davis

MMA Fighter Fit™ DVD (featuring the BOSU® Balance Trainer) with Kevin Kearns & Marcus Davis

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Mixed martial arts (MMA) is the fastest growing sport on the planet, and has crossed over into the fitness industry as a unique, fun and effectiveway to work out.  In MMA Fighter Fit™, learn the same fight moves used by professional MMA fighters to “GET FIT WITHOUT GETTING HIT™”, increase endurance, target core muscles, shape lean muscle, and become functionally strong.  Featuring the BOSU® Balance Trainer and veteran pro MMA fighter Marcus Davis, MMA Fighter Fit™ includes beginner and intermediate workouts that are intense, and activate more muscles to help you become fit faster.  Each MMA Fighter Fit™ workout takes you through demonstration of each exercise, a fighter prep warm up, workout and yoga inspired cool down.
Coach Kevin Kearns has worked in the fitness industry professionally for over 25 years.  He has trained over 15 pro MMA Fighters.  Coach Kearns has a bachelor's degree in exercise physiology and is a Functional Movement Screen (FMS) Certified Specialist and FreeMotion master trainer.
Led by Kevin Kearns, BS, FMS, MMA Conditioning Specialist
Featuring Marcus Davis, Veteran Pro MMA Fighter
Beginner Workout, Approximate Running Time:  36 minutes
Intermediate Workout, Approximate Running Time:  40 minutes

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