BOSU® Sports Conditioning Golf

BOSU® Sports Conditioning Golf

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The BOSU® Sports Conditioning Series is based on the well-known and innovative sports conditioning techniques developed by Peter Twist of Twist Conditioning, Inc. These linked system techniques, incorporated with the BOSU® Balance Trainer, have helped many college and professional athletes improve their game and they can do the same for you!

You will need the following equipment to do any of these workouts.

  • A 4 lbs.BOSU® Soft Fitness Ball
  • BOSU® Balance Trainer
  • Resistance tubing with door attachment
  • Resistance tubing can be found at most sporting goods retailers.

Golf with Phil Arney ( TRT: approx. 48 minutes)
Golf is a complex sport and while you don't have to be incredibly fit to enjoy the game of golf, training integrated movement skills such as balance, agility, core strength and rotary power can make a big difference in your performance throughout the course.

Section I: Balance Warm-up
In golf, a balanced stance is the perfect position from which to produce power. This series of drills work on balance, posture and weight distribution.

Section II: Loading for Power
This series of drills on strengthens the lower body and core while practicing movement patterns that will help you shift your weight with control.

Section III: Power Posture and Core Stabilization
Strong ab and back muscles will help you maintain good posture, drive the ball further and control short shots or putts. This series of drills work on body stabilization before initiating movement as well as creating motor memory patterns that teach the body how to link motion together for skilled performance.

Section IV: Strength and Rotary Power
This segment focuses on total body power production, core strength, stability and rotary movement skills. Your swing and your golf game in general will improve as you build strength and whole body control.

Section V: Core and Flexibility
Strong ab and back muscles will improve your posture and golf performance while stretching gives your muscles a chance to relax and recover.

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