Redesigned BOSU® 3D System

Redesigned BOSU® 3D System

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Ease into balance training with the redesigned, BOSU® 3D System, or “docking station” for the BOSU® Balance Trainer.  Ideal for first time users, special populations and the active aging market, the product serves as a built in spotter.  Participants are able to perform balance training exercises with ease, and progress at their own level to maximize success. 

“It’s no secret that everyone can greatly benefit from balance and strength training, and the BOSU® 3D System gains recognition for offering a combination of both options,” said Douglas Brooks, M.S., exercise physiologist.  "Plus, the product is lightweight and portable enough to transport to clients’ homes.”

The BOSU® 3D System includes a modular docking station, adjustable balance bar, wheels for easy transport, adjustable resistance tubing and a 3-in-1 workout DVD featuring Rob Glick.


Warranty against Manufacturing Defects: 1 year

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