BOSU® Sports Conditioning Baseball & Softball

BOSU® Sports Conditioning Baseball & Softball

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The BOSU® Sports Conditioning Series is based on the well-known and innovative sports conditioning techniques developed by Peter Twist of Twist Conditioning, Inc. These linked system techniques, incorporated with the BOSU® Balance Trainer, have helped many college and professional athletes improve their game and they can do the same for you!

You will need the following equipment to do any of these workouts.

  • A 4 lbs. BOSU® Soft Fitness Ball
  • BOSU® Balance Trainer
  • Resistance tubing with door attachment
  • Resistance tubing can be found at most sporting goods retailers.

Baseball and Softball with Douglas Brooks ( TRT: approx. 1 hour)
Everything in baseball happens quickly. Throwing, hitting, fielding the ball, getting out of the batter’s box, stealing bases…you name it! Learning and practicing integrated movement skills that improve balance, core strength, quickness, agility and power can make a big difference in your baseball or softball game.

Section 1: Balance and Equilibrium Warm-up
Good equilibrium and tracking skills will help you with batting and chasing down batted balls.

Section II: Multi-Directional Movement 
This series of multi-directional movement skills will help establish good positioning for fielding and transitioning to a strong throw.

Section III: Neuromuscular Activation 
Whether you’re hitting, throwing, fielding, pitching or running, you need to know how to prepare your body for all out effort. This series of drills can also be an effective prep routine for late game pinch hitters, defensive replacements and relief pitchers.

Section IV: Quickness and Agility 
Improving quickness, agility and reaction time will give you the performance edge when you need to turn that double play or explode out of a catcher's crouch to throw out a base runner.

Section V:
These drills focus on total body power production, core strength, stability and rotary movement skills. Linking movement from head to toe will help you throw, hit and move more efficiently.

Section VI: Flexibility 
Stretching can help you improve performance, avoid injuries and help your muscles relax and recover after a challenging workout.

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