Older Adults / Special Populations

For years, we were told that as we age, we should limit our standing movements and avoid performing certain exercises. New research has changed that belief. Health and fitness experts now emphasize a functional approach to overall enhancement of daily life activities in order to promote self-efficacy (Howell). Active aging expert Bernadette O’Brien, an ACE Group Exercise Leadership Specialist and new member of BOSU® Development, defines self-efficacy as “being able to do all of the tasks ..
  by: Josie Gardener & Joy Prouty As one ages, many physiological changes take place. This is a natural part of the process, but many of the physical changes (biomarkers) that negatively affect personal wellness can be minimized with physical activity. One key biomarker is loss of muscle. As an individual ages, muscle is lost and has a profound impact on an older adult's well-being. Exercise can have a definite positive impact on maintaining a high quality of life. Weight..
  by: Josie Gardener & Joy Prouty The inclusion of fun, effective and safe balance training in programs for seniors is critical. As the older adult population increases exponentially, the health care costs associated with a lack of balance and resultant falls totals a staggering 19+ billion dollars. For the most transferable and useable functional balance training, exercises need to engage multiple muscles and stimulate the body's response in a manner that requires both t..
  by: Becky Langton, MA, ACSM-HFI, NSCA-CSCS, ACE-CPT All too often fitness instructors are faced with the challenge of providing prenatal clients safer or better alternatives to common exercises performed in the gym that become somewhat challenging or contraindicated during pregnancy. This article identifies safe and appropriate alternatives for your pregnant clients that use the BOSU® Balance Trainer (BT) in four (4) different exercise modalities: static stretching, y..
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