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Energetic: Participants in Lovepink’s “Pink BOSU Party”, held in collaboration with Celebrity Fitness on Sept. 29 at the Kota Kasablanca shopping mall in South Jakarta. (Courtesy of Lovepink) Of all the treatments needed to cure breast cancer, LovePink group believes that mental support is as important as the therapies and medication. Shanti Persada, one of the group’s founders, said that as a breast cancer survivor, she found that a chance to talk with someone who also under..
How BOSU helps cancer patients during recovery and therapy
Incorporating the BOSU at home or in the gym can be an amazing addition to your workout. For the girly girl and those looking to give back towards a worthy cause the Pink BOSU would be the ideal choice! The Pink BOSU is available here What’s cool about Pink BOSU? Pink BOSU launched October 2012, Hedstrom Fitness, parent company of BOSU, will donate $15 of the retail sales price from each pink BOSU® Balance Trainer purchased online to Susan G. Komen, with a minimum guaranteed donation ..
  defining neutral spinal posture Neutral posture can be defined as avoiding the extremes of sustained spinal flexion (rounded spine) or extension (arched spine), or positioning the spinal column and pelvis in a manner that reflects a mid­position between the extremes of these two joint actions. A total approach to abdominal and back strengthening, back wellness and functional balance training must include the concept and teaching of neutral posture. Avoiding the extremes of sust..
    Click here to download pdf version Functional movement, or the ability to move and respond without restriction, as well as to move and respond effectively and with intention, begins with an understanding of core stabilization and neutral spinal posture. core stabilization and its importance to functional movement Obviously, the ability to position the spine and activate the muscles necessary to do..
  by: Anthony Carey, MA, CSCS, CES I realize it is called the BOSU® Balance Trainer (BT). Of course it provides an environment in which to challenge balance mechanisms in a variety of ways. However, the same design and materials that have become synonymous with balance also have a hidden benefit. At Function First, we work with a population of clients that deal with long-term musculoskeletal challenges such as joint, soft tissue and/or neuro..
  By: Justin Price, MA The foot and ankle complex is extremely important to the overall function of the human body. Since it is the only structure that interacts with the ground while in an upright position, the foot and ankle complex is directly responsible for the distribution of weight and pressure throughout the body when the forces of kinetic energy, gravity and the ground collide. Therefore, it is imperative that the foot and ankle complex is fully functional and doing its ..
By: Justin Price, MA The human body is designed to be upright. Whether you believe in evolution or creationism, the same runs true. We are bipedal creatures designed to stand erect with the spine on top of pelvis, and the pelvis on top of the legs. Our bodies have two very important elements to assist in maintaining an upright posture. First, large gluteus maximus muscles push the hips forward into extension. Secondly, a curvature in the lumbar spine arches the spine upward and backward t..
  by: Justin Price, MA Research into recreation habits around the globe have shown that walking is rated as the most popular form of physical activity on the planet. Yet many people experience discomfort and pain during the movement. Consequently, individuals may choose to find an alternative form of getting around, such as driving a car (for errands within walking distance), or continuing to walk despite the pain. Thereby, as movements become more imbalanced and compensatory, mo..
By: Justin Price, MA Many people suffer from mild to severe knee pain that prevents them from engaging in activities they enjoy such as hiking, playing tennis, or simply walking. They blame the knee for their woes, yet the cause of their problem may not be the knees at all. The muscles that help stabilize the knee as it moves all originate from either the foot and ankle, or from the lumbo-pelvic hip girdle. Hence, if the foot/ankle or hip complex is not working correctly, then the sof..
  By: Justin Price, MA In today's world, people spend increasing amounts of time sitting. Whether driving, working on the computer, or watching television, these seated postures are often characterized by a rounded upper back and shoulders. Over time, this stooped position in the thoracic spine can cause alignment problems and pain in both the upper and lower back. How a Sagittal Plane Deviation (Forward Bend) of the Thoracic Spine Affects the Lo..
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