BOSU® Quick Pick Combos


BOSU® Partner Training

Grab a friend or loved one and try these heart-warming partner drills on the BOSU Balance Trainer.


BOSU Sit-Squat Hand-Off
Technique/Cueing Tips
  • Partners stand on BOSU Balance Trainer domes, facing each other, with one partner holding a soft-shell medicine ball. Both partners squat, then reach forward to pass the soft-shell ball back and forth.
  • Stabilize the core and ankles while balancing and keep the thighs parallel to the floor or slightly higher during the squat movement.
  • Progress the ball hand-off with both partners holding the ball and gently trying to pull each other off balance.
BOSU V-Sit with Foot Press
Technique/Cueing Tips
  • Partners sit on BOSU Balance Trainer domes facing each other with feet lifted and soles of feet touching. Both partners do a bicycle motion with the legs in opposition, maintaining foot contact. For more challenge, lift hands off dome.
  • Stabilize core and shoulder girdle to maintain good posture in the seated position.
  • Progress by tossing soft-shell medicine ball back and forth while pressing feet in bicycle motion
BOSU Partner Criss-Cross Reaction
Technique/Cueing Tips
  • Partner A stands on BOSU Balance Trainer dome and Partner B stands on the floor. Partners face in perpendicular directions to one another. Partner A runs laterally back and forth over the dome, choosing the number of repetitions. When Partner A stops and claps, Partner B runs laterally over the dome, stopping on either side of the dome and clapping when complete.
  • Stabilize core and maintain a state of athletic readiness while traveling and/or waiting.
  • Increase speed of movement and vary number of repetitions to challenge reaction time.


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