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Ready for resources? Choose from in-depth articles on balance training, group exercise progressions, mind-body integration and more - written by the fitness pros who “train the trainers” and the expert authors you see in IDEA Fitness Journal, ACE Fitness Matters and The LA Times. They’re all here for youfor FREE, to make sure you get the best out of BOSU® products, and your clients and students get the best out of you.

Fusing the BOSU® Balance Trainer into Yoga by Shannon Fable 
Yoga continues to increase in popularity throughout the country. Most instructors answer the demand by incorporating yoga-inspired poses into workouts. Of course, nothing can replace the extensive training required for proper yoga practice. However, the strengthening, stretching and relaxation benefits of simple yoga poses can be enjoyed within a wide variety of exercises if certain precautions are taken to ensure safety. Click here to READ MORE.

Blended Barefoot BOSU® by Lawrence Biscontini, M.A.
One of the most exciting trends in balance training today occurs by combining the versatile BOSU® Balance Trainer (BT) with barefoot mind-body disciplines. While wearing shoes for traditional core and upright conditioning applications still proves popular and appropriate, barefoot movement on the BT challenges the lower body extremities in new ways (Kavounoudias). Among the mind-body disciplines that easily lend themselves to the application of barefoot mindful core engagement are Feldenkrais, T'ai Chi, yoga, and Pilates. Here we will explore some new applications using a couple of these disciplines with the added benefit of different stabilization requirements while exercising barefoot on the labile BT. Click here to READ MORE.

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