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Ready for resources? Choose from in-depth articles on balance training, group exercise progressions, mind-body integration and more - written by the fitness pros who “train the trainers” and the expert authors you see in IDEA Fitness Journal, ACE Fitness Matters and The LA Times. They’re all here for youfor FREE, to make sure you get the best out of BOSU® products, and your clients and students get the best out of you.

Focus on the Core with Circuit Training by Fred Hoffman, M.Ed. 
In recent years, core training has become an essential component of most physical fitness and sport conditioning programs. From group exercise instructors and Pilates teachers to personal trainers and coaches-most fitness professionals agree that an emphasis should be placed on strengthening the 'core.' The core connects the upper body and lower body and often is referred to as the power center. Core conditioning is important whether a participant is starting a fitness program, or moving onto to more challenging exercise progressions. Click here to READ MORE or click here to download pdf file.

BOSU® Cardio Express by Shannon Fable
Fitness professionals should attempt to integrate balance training into all components of fitness. Participants are more inclined to try balance training when combined with core work or strength training as our strategies tend to be more methodical, easily progressed and regressed and slower moving. One area that is often overlooked, or thought to be so challenging that only athletes or skilled participants will partake, is taking cardio training to the BOSU® Balance Trainer (BT). Cardio training offers new ways to challenge balance due to its dynamic nature. Movements are performed on and off of the dome, as well as using a combination of both surfaces. The benefits of performing cardio on the BT are far reaching. Click here to READ MORE.

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