BOSU® Part of Under Armour/Combine360 Vision for “SAT of Athleti


By: Amanda Vogel, MA human kinetics

If you know anything about the world of sports and fitness, you probably know Under Armour for its technologically advanced sport-performance apparel. Now, along with IMG Academies, Under Armour has engineered another leading initiative in the sports and fitness industries: Combine360.

Quickly becoming known as the “SAT of Athletics” for high school and collegiate athletes (but just as well-suited for adults), Combine360 incorporates the BOSU® Balance Trainer as an integral part of its 360-degree approach to sport performance and measurement.

This carefully chosen inclusion is yet another validation in the field of BOSU’s integrity as a top-tier training movement.

The Combine360 brand — which launched last year as one of 2010’s most innovative programs -- brings together evaluation, training and certification in sport performance for those who wish to become Combine360 certified. (See below for special BOSU savings code.)

More About Under Armour’s Combine360

BJ Corey, the Florida-based Director of Marketing for Combine360, explains the movement as encompassing drills based on athleticism, but also:

  • sport-specific athleticism,
  • integrative movement (how well your musculoskeletal and neuromuscular systems work together) to help identify imbalances and remove performance barriers,
  • vision,
  • mental toughness and aptitude,
  • nutritional aptitude,
  • and communication

“The Combine360 measurements indicate a 360-degree approach to performance, reporting where an athlete or fitness enthusiast is strong and weak,” says Peter Twist, owner of Twist Sport Conditioning in Vancouver, B.C. and a BOSU® Master Trainer. “Combine360 is a systematic program of workouts and challenges that, as a fitness discipline, is anchored in athletic movement,” Twist says.


Rigorous But Accommodating

Since Combine360 involves so many athletic-driven drills using the BOSU® Balance Trainer, it’s natural for BOSU fans to want to try out one of the Combine360 sport-performance challenges using the BOSU® Balance Trainer.

Although Combine360 drills are intense, “the average BOSU fan can definitely handle the challenge because it’s about competing against yourself and doing the best you can,” says Twist.

See how you measure up with Under Armour’s new sport-performance initiative. Try this fun Combine360/BOSU® Balance Trainer challenge.

Want to become a Combine360 trainer with the Combine360 certification? Use the promo code BOSU360 to save $250.00 when you register for the FEBRUARY 2011 Combo Certification.*

*BONUS: Use your BOSU360 by Jan 31, 2011 to receive a voucher at the Combine360 certification event for a FREE training week at IMG Academies (to be used at a later date). Experience the same type of training program that Kobe Bryant, Maria Sharapova, Andre Agassi and Derek Jeter have gone through! (Voucher valued at more than $2,500; includes lodging, meals and training on campus for five days.)


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