Spiderman Exercises on a BOSU® Balance Trainer (Part 2)

Even Spiderman marvels over the benefits of training on a BOSU® Balance Trainer. Here's Part 2 - with exercise video clips - of our interview with Spiderman actor Chris Tierney and his kinesiologist Dr. Edythe about the unexpected benefits of BOSU. (Read Part 1 here).

BOSU: Can you show us some of the BOSU ball exercises you do at Revolution in Motion with the Spiderman performance crew?

Jump and Stick for shock absorption on BOSU Balance Trainer at Revolution in Motion, Manhattan

Spiderman actor Chris Tierney performs Jump and Stick for shock absorption under the supervision of kinesiologist Dr. Edythe.


Dr. Edythe: “In Jump and Stick, you can see the importance of cushioning, placement, balance and a sense of where you are in space. That’s what we are training and the BOSU ball is an essential part of that training.”

Spiderman actor Chris Tierney demos his favorite exercise on the BOSU ball: Plyometrics with Stax Elevation System

Plyometrics with BOSU Stax Elevation System at Revolution in Motion, Manhattan

Dr. Edythe: “In Plyometrics with Stax risers, you want real quickness off the floor and instability. The shape of the BOSU ball makes this exercise really practical and applicable to both rehab and to sport.”

BOSU: What about the element of shock absorption in this plyometric exercise with Stax risers? How did that benefit Chis, and how could it benefit others?

Dr. Edythe: “The plyometric exercises using the Stax risers allowed me to restore the spinal cushioning required for the demands of Chris’s dancing, performing and landings. The extensive lumbar surgery Chris underwent to treat the compression fracture of three of his lumbar vertebrae (along with several broken ribs) caused scarring and limited his mobility in the low back, hips and mid thoracic region.

The plyo’s on the BOSU ball were critical to restoring functional movement to these areas. In addition, the barefoot challenge on the BOSU throughout the demonstrated exercises activate and enhance his foot and ankle stability, flexibility, shock absorption and integrate them with the hips, pelvis and low back.

A large part of what I train - with the help of the BOSU balls - is the ‘anti-gravity’ or ‘lift’ dynamics essential to posture, alignment and performance skills, such as jumping, explosiveness and power of both the upper and lower body. Chris is extremely athletic and you can see the challenge presented in this exercise.”

Scissors on BOSU Ballast Ball at Revolution in Motion, Manhattan



Kinesiologist Dr. Edythe guides Spiderman actor Chris Tierney through the Scissors exercise on the BOSU Ballast Ball.

Dr. Edythe: “Not only do we add the BOSU ball to many of the exercises that I’ve designed with the feet, they are also critical with the hands.”

To read BOSU's full interview with Spiderman actor Chris Tierney and kinesiologist Dr. Edythe, see Part 1 of this article.

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