Barefoot Training

Ready for resources? Choose from in-depth articles on balance training, group exercise progressions, mind-body integration and more - written by the fitness pros who “train the trainers” and the expert authors you see in IDEA Fitness Journal, ACE Fitness Matters and The LA Times. They’re all here for youfor FREE, to make sure you get the best out of BOSU® products, and your clients and students get the best out of you. 

How to Train for Barefoot Running by Amanda Vogel, MA human kinetics
Imagine stepping out for a run without any shoes on—it’s called barefoot running, and it’s an emerging trend in the running and fitness industries. READ MORE. 

Barefoot Running and Walking: Three Exercise Recommendation by Amanda Vogel, MA human kinetics
Thinking about trying barefoot running or barefoot walking? Start training with these exercises for creating stronger feet, whether you plan to go completely barefoot or wear barefoot running shoes. READ MORE

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