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Ready for resources? Choose from in-depth articles on balance training, group exercise progressions, mind-body integration and more - written by the fitness pros who “train the trainers” and the expert authors you see in IDEA Fitness Journal, ACE Fitness Matters and The LA Times. They’re all here for youfor FREE, to make sure you get the best out of BOSU® products, and your clients and students get the best out of you.

Move Better, Live Better: Why Balance is an Essential Part of Your Exercise Program by Douglas Brooks, M.S.
According to the 2010 IDEA Personal Training Programs & Equipment Survey, 95% of personal trainers offer balance training to their clients. Furthermore, use of small, portable equipment is favored. Ten years after the introduction of the BOSU® Balance Trainer, 87% of fitness professionals are choosing to use a variety of balance training tools to help clients achieve their goals. It is undeniable that balance is becoming a central focus of the professional fitness community. Click here to READ MORE.

Training the Brain - Balance Tools of Choice by Brian Justin, MHK, CSCS and Gregory Anderson, Ph.D.
There are many biomotor abilities crucial to sport performance and everyday activities. However, one of the most important is balance. Balance is the maintenance of equilibrium, or the ability to maintain the center of gravity (COG) over one's base of support (BOS). It is a component of all movement whether strength, speed, skill, or flexibility dominate that movement. Click here to READ MORE.

New School Sitting: Exercise Balls in Classrooms and Offices by Douglas Brooks, M.S.
What do schools, corporate workplaces and home offices all have in common? Each is experimenting with jettisoning an "old-school" concept to replace traditional chairs with exercise balls. Generically known as a stability ball, these pieces of exercise equipment have been popular in homes and clubs for more than two decades. It has been one of the most widely used pieces of exercise equipment by personal trainers throughout the world. A growing number of teachers and office workers are beginning to explore the ball's utility and its positive effects in offices and schools across the nation. Some have found the BOSU® Ballast® Ball to work particularly well, since it does not roll away. Click here to  READ MORE

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