Fit at Five: Kettlebell / Bosu Workout

Looking for the best workout tools in a gym? Just ask a trainer what they use. For Personal Trainer Ryan Thomson his go to tool has been the kettlebells for the past 9 years.

"It really changed me. I was losing weight and I was getting stronger. It wasn't that I needed to lose the weight. I just happened to shrink a little bit more."

The results he saw using kettlebells blew his mind and now it has become a staple in his clients workouts as well. Ryan says that a kettlebell is a great tool because it works every muscle in your body. Even when you are just doing a simple swing. Not only does the kettlebell get you a complete cardiovascular workout in a shorter amount of time, but you are improving your shoulder and back strength as well as building endurance.

Something missing from your kettlebell workout...balance. By incorporating the Bosu into your kettlebell workout you will be getting one of the best combos out there. The major benefits you get with with a Bosu is strengthening your ligaments and tendons. Ryan tells us that balance is also something that he struggles with, and the Bosu helps tremendously.

This piece of equipment also acts as a secret weapon to help trainers pinpoints clients trouble spots. "It really helps to find what's going on with somebody. If I put them in a push up position I can tell where the instabilities are fairly easy. Or a squat is really going to call them out on certain areas where they need some work."

The kettlebell / Bosu workout. Two simple pieces of equipment that will help you reap major benefits. I call that a match made in workout heaven.

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