Balance for Tennis Performance

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Balance for Tennis Performance by Douglas Brooks, M.S. & Peter Twist, M.Sc 
The systems, strategies and tactics in tennis are best described as organized chaos. During a match, no competitor even those with great on-court intuition knows exactly what will happen in the next second. Multi-directional sports are a read-and-react game where success hinges on individual tactics, conditioning and game play experience. Click here to READ MORE or click here to download pdf file.

Functional Training Meets Mixed Martial Arts by Kevin Kearns
Functional training fits perfectly with the rigors of MMA. Not only will it aid in reducing potential injuries, but it will assist in rehabbing current injuries. From my perspective, the marriage between mixed martial arts (MMA) and functional strength training is an easy one. Many of these athletes train like bodybuilders instead of fighters. The MMA industry has simply been unable to anticipate the unique training needs that this type of fighting requires. Lack of education and old school approach is entrenched, but we are attempting to break the mold. Click here to READ MORE.

Improvement of Mobility in Elite U.S. Ski Team Athletes by Per Lundstam
Improvement of mobility in elite U.S. Ski Team athletes is essential for high level performance and on-snow safety. The following article provides a sample workout and introduces methodologies which are part of the U.S. Ski Team conditioning approach. Integrated into many complex training situations, the BOSU® Balance Trainer (BT) is used to increase performance and decrease the risk of injury. The properties of the BT create the same physical stimulus that U.S. Ski Team athletes experience during training and competition. Click here to READ MORE.

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